Where And What To Eat. That Is The Question!

You’ve got yourself a date. You’ve asked her out nicely and you’ve got the moves that every man or woman might envy you for. But nothing could ever get you ready when it comes down to one thing:

Where do we actually eat?

I’m Alfred Kosmosdi. I understand the Internet. It’s a vast network of recommendations that you have to know about what you’re talking about before you make a proper decision. I may not be an expert on dating venues but you could rely on me for being well-travelled.

Where exactly, you might ask?

I’ve been to Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, th Philippines, India, Germany, Poland London, Amsterdam, Greenwich, Iceland, Norway, South America and Panama. I’m actually in some place far away from my home in London as we speak.

Like any other guy, I’d want to have a date along with me. I’m pretty sure you’ve got smoother moves than what I’ve got. But I’m pretty sure I know more places where things can get interesting.

I’m not saying sexually interesting. I meant more about having a good time. Women, and even men, want a place where they could have memorable moments with their dates.

These could be dates testing your endurance with the real personality your date. This could be a date that is quite luxurious but for half the price of what you really need to pay for (quite famous based on people asking me for that), and these could be dates that you could just do at home while you’re both too tired to go out and have some sunshine or night wind.

Why am I such a traveller? It’s because I want to taste the luxuries of the world.

Luxuries can be subjective. I’ve backpacked once and I’ve found gems that I can’t believe existed in places like Pakistan, Turkey and India. Most tourists try to avoid these places. But I embrace them because they’re pretty awesome if you’d ask me. Especially if you find the Fatimah Jinnah Park in Pakistan and Turkey is pretty much a very romantic place.

Sometimes, you might discriminate against places, never knowing that you’re missing out on interesting gems. Sometimes, it’s just a small corner cafĂ© in London or South America. Sometimes it’s just a cheap lodging house in Greenwich that’s actually very accommodating and has a terrific view.

Sometimes, it’s all about driving out into the wilderness and finding something interesting that you yourself can’t believe your eyes.

With that in mind, dating becomes pleasant. I’m also here to help you about budgets and finding the best places to date without having to shell out so much. If your date is as adventurous as you are, why not go for a backpacking date to see how both of you could deal with the stress and dependence on each other.

A little too soon? I don’t think so. Backpacking is the best way to test you and your date’s mettle!

So, there’s more advice here for you if you’ve been wanting a blog that can show you all the right places to accompany all the right moves you have for an epic, unforgettable date!